Music is a huge section of life. Everyone on the streets usually have earphones in there ears, listening to a common songs. Some find new artists from their friends or relatives, others hear about them on TV, however the place where people hear the most about new artists is online. There are plenty of websites that give info on artists, albums, and have reviews, but many websites don’t live up to the expectations of the user. Many lack information and in-depth reviews to help keep users coming to their site. With good music, there needs to be an improved website where users can get their information. There are 3 pieces of content a music website will need:


All good websites need reviews for albums, bands, or anything linked to music. People want to see reviews because they want to know what other people think of that album/band and see if they’re good band or not. Reviews should supply the user information on everything on the album, therefore the user feels solid concerning the review and will adhere to the decision about the album/band from the review. The review should either be very in-depth or break it down song by song. People like to see song by song which songs are good, should they would like to buy single songs at the same time if the album review isn’t so good.


There needs to be a wide variety of artists online page, unless it specializes in a certain band of music. For instance, a rock website will only specialize in rock artists and reviews. Artist content will include all types of artists; which range from new, existing, or gone and oldies. Users prefer to receive a wide selection of information on their favorite artists to see interesting back stories, and history of their favorite band. People also like to see info on new artists so that they know when the next big hit is coming or if they’re just tired of listening the exactly the same bands over and over again.


Music websites should be open to comment as well. The creator must welcome all comments from the people that go to his/her website. If the user wants an article on a new band that they like, the writer must comply, and create it. Of, course the writer can’t take all commands, but it should take many, to show that they are hearing the community. An excellent relationship between the writer of the web site and the users can make that website have this content the users want and the connection they need to make the web site the greatest it really is.