Technology is greatly influencing our lives in one way or another, either in terms of benefits and side effects. If I ask people that technology has more advantages or more side effects, you may favor technology.

I also admit it, but besides its benefits, it is also crucial to consider its side effects. So we will discuss a few problems which your eyes suffer from because of excess use of screens.

Effects of mobile phone on eyes

Mobile phone strain is not a common topic to think about, but it is dangerous not to recognize it immediately when it affects your eyes.

As we know that digital eye strain is more common nowadays as compared to past years. One transparent screen is the excessive use of mobile for a long time. Experts suggest that Digital eye strain affects about 50% of mobile individuals for a long time.

It causes discomfort and causes distribution during working hours. The rays are emerging from the screen of mobile affect eyes which is called blue light.

Blue Light

Blue light is lights that are emitted from the screens of mobiles, computers, and laptops. This blue light is significantly affecting our eye’s health. A study was conducted by a scientist at the University of Toledo and has found that blue light can cause macular generation as it pas from the pupil directly into the retina.

Suppose it destroys the photoreceptor cells in the retina and affects the central vision. Remember that when these cells are destroyed once, they cannot regenerate, so any damage caused by it is permanent. The wavelength of blue light is shorter than other lights, due to which it has more energy. This light also disturbs your sleep patterns by preventing your body from releasing focus melatonin.

High energy visible light and its effects

The mobile screen transmits high-energy visible light (HEV). Scientists and researchers are working on this light to find how this light causes eye problems. It damages the sensitive parts of the eyes. Also, mobile phones’ effects are more significant at night than at day times.

Eyes strain

According to the American Optometric Association, Eyes strain includes headaches, difficulty concentrating, dry and red eyes, and pain in the shoulder and neck. When we stare at the mobile screen for a long time, we try to blink less, due to which a protective layer of moisture goes to a minimum level, and our eyes dry out fast. It also contributes to short-sightedness. Canadian Pharmacy says Short-sightedness is due to a continuous on the screen for a long time.

Convergence insufficiency

With short-sightedness or myopia, other eye conditions arise with more prolonged use of mobile like convergence insufficiency. In convergence insufficiency, eyes lose the ability to focus on an object or loss convergence ability. Symptoms include eye double vision or fatigue.

Other signs are tearing, excessive blinking, headache from strains, and the head’s tilting while watching TV or the computer. If you experience any of these symptoms, go for vision checking. Consult a health care physician or ophthalmologist.

Lazy eye

It is a condition that is caused by moderate to high range myopia. Lazy eye is known as amblyopia, due to which deterioration of vision occurs without any structural defects. It mainly occurs in children in which eyes catch images in blurred form and send them to the brain. If the brain receives blurred images for a longer time, it becomes used to perceiving pictures blurred. Its treatment is possible if you consult your physician on time.

Tips for protecting your eyes from mobile side effects

  • You can customize the brightness and text setting. Use low intelligence at home or turn automatic settings so that the mobile system can adjust it by the environment. The larger size of words in messages is easy to read and requires less focus.
  • Maintain a suitable distance from the mobile screen. The average length is about 17 to 18 inches, allowing you to see images or text clearly on phones. Irrespective of moving the mobile closer to your eyes, you can zoom screen to see clearly.
  • Today’s mobile companies like Android and Apple have night mode features that minimize the eyes strain on eyes at night. Turn it on from the setting, and it will work automatically during nighttime.
  • Remember that when using mobile, try to blink .never stop blinking because of focusing more on the screen. Blinking keeps your eyes moist while avoiding dryness and itching of eyes.

Anti-reflective Screen protectors are best to use as they give the old screen LCD

  • Look instead of a glossy screen. It minimizes the effect of blue rays emitting from mobile screens. Everyone can use them as they are inexpensive.
  • For lubrication of the eyes, artificial tears are available. There are various types of eye drops available in the market.

If you experience any symptoms regarding your eyes, schedule your appointment with a physician. They will help you learn more about your eyes and can also provide treatment. Please keep all the tips mentioned above while using a mobile phone as it will protect your eyes.